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lcurtis' Journal
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Sunday, May 3rd, 2009
7:40 am

Pottsville, Pa. -- "An all-white jury has acquitted two teenagers of all serious charges stemming from the fatal beating of an illegal Mexican immigrant last summer."

The foregoing is an excerpt from a story found this morning on Google News.  I get the majority of my morning news from Google News: I like to browse the electronic news as I drink my morning coffee whilst waiting for my waste elimination system to go on line and download.  Retirement is such a delicate balance: coffee in one hand toilet paper in the other.
I have no idea why two "white" teenagers beat a Mexican Illegal to death in Pottsville. Pa: a cultural impasse I'm sure, a misunderstanding of sorts, a miscommunication because of the language barrier?  I know I often get frustrated when people don't understand what I am trying to communicate and, in frustration, beat them to death.  Know what I'm saying?  Musulims, sometimes,  have that problem in attempting to communicate their religious beliefs and in frustration often put people to death by the sword.  Which is not the same as beating someone to death, but close. 
Remember: May is "National Beat Someone to Death Month".  Are you ready?

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Friday, May 1st, 2009
7:35 am
planes, trains and inclosed spaces
Well the travel industery is upset with Joe Biden because he advised his family to avoid public travel in enclosed spaces as the "Chili Pepper Flu" dashes about the globe.  I agree with Joe, plus traveling on aeroplanes is a bit of a bitch anyway and I avoid it as much as possible and sub-ways we don't have here in Fort Wayne, we do have a few busses that are used by the poor and non Republican to get to free medical clinics to treat odd strains of TD brought in by displaced persons from Burma and Mexico.  At least I think it's TB.  Best way to avoid the flu is to avoid people :shop only at 3 AM, don't go to Mexican restaurants for lunch or dinner, stay off planes and small enclosed sailing ships headed to or from Mexico, Central America, Burma, and New Haven, Indiana..

Current Mood: contemplative
Wednesday, April 29th, 2009
1:59 pm
Papal Shit
I used to be ashamed to be an American and now because of the flap over Obama speaking at South Bend I am ashamed to be a Hoosier.  Actually I really don't really consider my self a Hoosier because I was born in Missouri, grew up in Illinois and wound up in Fort Wayne because of a series of events that I won't go into here.  I do, however, consider my self a Midwesterner, a Low Land -High Plains Drifter (High Plains because of my years in Nebraska).  If religion is the opiate of the masses why are they all not stoned, placid and lying on the ground?   Or better yet ,why isn't the DEA after em?

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Monday, April 20th, 2009
7:40 am
The 2k's
The people should know.  Did you ever notice that Head Shops never offer senior citizen discounts?
Saturday, April 11th, 2009
11:02 pm
The Ikenoto of central Teneto are a nomatic subgroup of homeless people from New Haven.  More later.
Saturday, March 7th, 2009
4:29 pm
14 clocks

Simple question: What is the opposite of Day Light Savings Time?  Is it Day Light Squandering Time? 


Tuesday, November 25th, 2008
2:08 pm
SWE 08

This posting on the SWE 08  was initially written in Word, as was the previous posting, and I have attempted several times to copy it into lj but for some reason all I get is garbage when I try.  So I am now typing it out for a second time and am very disgruntled with the process at this time and am considering writing the rest of the "trip notes" out by hand and placing them in the snail mail system to all but no one would be able to read them (which might be preferred).  After leaving Eastern Nebraska we headed up to the Nebraska National Forest near Halsey NE.  The National Forest is located right off of State Rt. 2 and besides being a "place to camp" it is a tree nursery and, at times,  training ground for the local "Storm Troopers".  At least I think they may be "Storm Troopers" disguised as an ATV club dedicated to ATV rescue.  We arrived on Friday morning and set up the camper on a hill surrounded by ponderosa and jack pine trees, young trees not more that twenty to thirty years old.  Through out the day there was constant ATV activities: going up the hill, going down the hill, waving at the campers from Indiana; going up the hill, going down the hill, ignoring the campers from Indiana.  The ATV's were driven by middle aged fat, white men and women and by middle aged fat, white children.  Apparently all of the weeks activities were over and now it was just time to relax and drive aimlessly about the camp grounds running off any and all local wild life.

As soon as we finished setting up the sky became overcast and dark with rain clouds, the temperature dropped and as I was cooking supper over the camp fire it started to rain.  It rained for the rest of the night along with thirty to fifty mile an hour winds and hail, followed by trains.

No it did not rain trains they just rolled by the camp ground every half hour throughout the night.  One hundred car long coal trains coming out of Wyoming passing within about an eighth of a mile from where we were set up.  DOT regs call for a train to sound it's horn at every crossing, there are two at the entrance of the Halsey National Forest; four blasts, one long two shorts and one long, all night long punctuated by thunder and towards morning coyotes yapping, obviously upset by the passing trains.

In the morning it cleared up, the wind dropped and the "Storm Troopers" started their morning rounds just as I was starting to fall asleep.  They would greet each other by sounding their horns, one long two short and one long.  As soon as the camper died out we made a run for it followed by several ATV's looking for someone to rescue.  With blood shot eyes we were looking forward to camping along the Niobrara river up near Valentine..   

Friday, November 14th, 2008
1:50 pm

Tomorrow (11/12) we head for home. It is Tuesday and we are at a Comfort Inn in Collinsville Illinois, the home town of my youth. This Comfort Inn is located on highway 157near the confluences of Interstate 55 and I 70 at the base of the glacial terminal moraine of the last Ice Age, sixteen thousand years ago. Where once roamed woolly mammoths and giant sloth’s now rumbles Kensworth and Peaterbuilt’s pulling forty foot trailers full of the commodities of the day. We have spent the last 64 days running with the eighteen wheeled monsters traveling eight thousand three hundred and fifty miles on what we decided to call the South West Expedition 08 or the SWE 08. The original plan was for seventy three days and since it was to be an extended length of time we felt that to call it a vacation was a lot like calling a Clydesdale a pony, the Queen Mary a skiff, the Mississippi a stream.  It is interesting to note that the ground on which the motel is built was once a horseradish farm owned by one of the Eckman brothers; a chunk of dark, rich Mississippi river bottom soil where as a young teenager I toiled for Seventy five cents an hour: suckering, lifting, planting and digging the big white roots.  (Collinsville was once the horseradish capitol of the world).  Ain the morning we will meet my cousin Ray and his wife for breakfast. He is much older than I, by a month or so, so I really feel sorry for him. I still make about seventy-five cents an hour on SS and I really don’t care for horseradish that much.


The SWE 08 departure date was September the 9th, 2008 ACE. After securing the camper to the back of the Ford Focus we pulled out heading West on the first leg of the expedition.  Our first encampment was in Iowa City at the Country Inn where we frolicked with other travelers in the heated pool and hot tub. We parked the camper just out side of out window so we could keep an eye on it (can’t trust the natives, so I’m told) however other than McCain-Palin signs we had no problems with the indigenous peoples of the area (the Ioway or Baxoji, a Siouan tribe now taking revenge on the white man by taking his wampum away at various casinos across the state). We found no traces of the Louis and Clark Expedition of 1804. I don’t think that came through this part of Iowa. 


The next morning after a continental breakfast, provided by the Country Inn staff, we headed on to Nebraska City and the home of our nephew, Don Ayer, who owns several acres back in the hinterlands of South East Nebraska. He and his wife Sandy live in an immense two story home/hunting lodge on 60 acres of woods, a lake and trails in the low rolling hills. They of course offered a bed, but we, being the intrepid explores that we are elected to set up the camper (known as The Good Karma) next to their lake under to a big weeping willow tree.  Don’s brother Ron was also staying with them and he helped us set up. I wanted to see if Maggie could do it her self but Ron insisted on helping her. Don and Sandy of course fed us royally the two days and nights we were there. It rained the first night we camped fortunately it was a short walk to the house for breakfast: bacon, eggs, steak, toast and coffee.  Boy camping is rough.  The day that we left to head north to Omaha (another Siouan tribe) we parked The Good Karma in their massive Butler building with the tent up to dry out while we were up north with family in Elkhorn and Lyons, camping in guest rooms and eating lunches at the Happy Days Senior Center (the land of the whistling ears). We would return in one week’s time to hook up the camper and proceed west.


When next I post I will tell of hail storms, rain, gusting winds, and 100 car coal trains passing in the night, every half hour, 1/8 of a mile from the camp site, passing two crossings where it is a DOT law that they sound their air horns four times at each crossing, one long two shorts and another long.      

Monday, October 6th, 2008
8:52 am
SWE 08
Not much time for an entry.  We are in Lovelnd CO at the base of Rocky Mountains National Park, at camp Mark and Amy. We will ascend shortly.  The elk are in rut and bugling their harems together.  I am also in rut but have misplaced my bugle.  Thus far we have avoided rattle snakes, bison and aggressive praire dogs.  The Bad Lands weren't and the Black Hills were filled with light.
Thursday, September 18th, 2008
2:51 pm
SWE 08

Lyons Nebraska, the Land of the Whistling Ears. We survived the encounter with the hostiles of south east Nebraska; though I feared the worst, cannibalism; for all they did was force food upon us, fattening us up like the cattle they tend and slaughter: Friendly folk, more or less, but they place a great emphasis on food and football.  
We have been following the trail set by Lewis and Clark in 1804 and re-blazed by Bennie and Cecil in 1957. We are drying out our equipment, which was soaked by the remnants of Ike (never did like Ike).  Next stop the Bad Lands and Black Hills (sounds bleak, what).

Current Mood: full
Friday, September 12th, 2008
3:15 pm
SWE 08
In Nebraska, being held by the hostiles.  More later, if we survive the night..
Wednesday, September 10th, 2008
8:07 am
SWE 08
First day across Indiana and Illinois on to the central part of Iowa.  Good traveling, did not encounter any hostiles there were signs: trail markers, camp fires, broken pottery, buffalo hides, casinos and gift shops selling rubber tomahawks.  Had a lite lunch at Starved Rock.  We are on schedule, thus far.
Monday, September 8th, 2008
11:28 pm
SWE 08

We are about to depart on the 72 day SWE 08.   After several days of sorting and packing the “things” that we will need for the expedition we have discovered that we need a list of the lists of the things that we have packed in order to keep it all straight.   All lists needed to be kept with the packed items for inventory purposes, and, therefore, I needed a list of the places where all items are kept. For example: medications are kept in a canvas carry bag and placed in a larger canvas bag called the “zip around bag” or the “Park Center bag” or the “big bag” depending on who is talking; the fire starting kit also contains the level for leveling the camper and a file for sharpening the axe. But I’ve no idea where the axe is kept (forgot to add it to the list).   As we depart I notice that the camper is “listing” to the left just a bit. 
Will keep in touch,
Larry and Maggie
Sunday, August 24th, 2008
7:53 am
Looking for Jack
 We continue our preparations for the pending  trip which we have formally named "South West Expedition 08".  We continue to seek funding from the French and Spanish but feel we are more likely to receive support from Togo.  Getting financial support from other countries for exploration of the "New World", in the twenty-first century, is becoming more and more difficult.  Something about return on investment and the fact theat there are no natural resources left to pillage, rape or plunder in the "New World" which some now refer to as the "Feted World" .  
We set the Ambassador (the is the model of the camper we bought for the Expedition back in the fall of 07) for a show and tell at Maggies retirement/birthday party last night.  Two people walking down the alley stopped and asked if they could camp in the back yard too.  We said no, try a State Park, and be sure to camp next to Bubba's family .     
EDD is 9/8/08 for the "SWE 08".  Gotta go,  getting a call from Togo, collect.  Is that a bad sign? 
Merryweather Larry, 
 Expedition Commander
Wednesday, August 20th, 2008
10:56 am
SWE 08
We are preparing for SWE 08 which is, the South West Expedition 08, our epic 4, 500 mile camping trip, a  two and a half month jaunt into the wilds of the American Southwest; the arid  Heart of Darkness as opposed to Conrad's sweltering Congo.  Unlike our presidential hopefuls I have chosen a running mate and it's not Al Gore, no it's Maggie Curtis.  
We camped at a local State Park over the past week end just to practice our set up skills, we are trying to reach the advertised set up time of five minutes.  We are getting close, down to one and one half hours now.   I wanted to take it down and do another set up right away.  The stitches will come out next week and the ringing in my head is starting to subside.  Maggie is very accurate with an iron skillet.
The weather was beautiful so the camp ground was full of families attempting to enjoy the last week end before school starts.  What we need is state camp grounds for adults only,  children under the age of thirty must be accompanied by their parole officer.
Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008
6:40 am
Looking for Jack
 I was poking around in the belly of our Ambassador camper looking for a pair of new blue jeans that I seem to have misplaced.  While doing so I decided to measure the camper to determine the exact square footage of the practical, palatial pop-up. It is 6.5 feet long and when opened ,9 feet wide; so we are talking about a living area of around 59.5 square feet.  Divide that space by two people and it is roughly 30 square feet per person., divided by three, 20 square feet.    So when the three of us are in the camper, down Big Bend way, I plan to sleep on the ground with the rattle snakes and scorpions on second thought I may have my daughter do that, after all she is from California.  
I must have left the blue jeans in the shower room at the camp ground down at Big South Fork in Kentucky, that's OK I wasn't in them anyway.
Friday, July 18th, 2008
1:36 pm
Looking for Jack
This is July 17, 2008 and we are preparing for a fourth-thousand mile journey through the stomach, lower intestines and colon of the USA's, southwest then back up through the esophagus to Fort Wayne .   We are working on a budget and have determined to base it on a daily allocation of our retirement pay, and that paltry amount will need to cover all road trip expenses: camping fees, gas, food, motels, restaurants, entertainment, fire wood and ice-cream, medicine and birth control.  We are to leave in early September. Maggie wants to go to a wedding in Minnesota, some people I don’t even know, children of someone else that I don’t know either. 

            Of course we will have to be in Lyons, NE. by early September to pick up Evie,(my favorite mother-in-law) to go to the wedding in Minnesota and of course Evie, now being ninety-three, doesn’t know who they are either, but Maggie does, so we are going. She, my favorite mother-in-law, always wants to ride in the front seat of the car. I’m not sure why she has shrunken so small that she cannot see out the front or side windows.  She can see up and finds interesting things in the clouds: cows, sheep, dogs and farmers; and once she reported seeing a 2008 Maserati Gran Turismo.  So Minnesota, here we come. I look forward to the wedding.

            I think we will leave early on the eight of September and plan to return to the Fort of Wayne by mid November. That’s one thousand seven hundred and four hours living on the road in a 2002 Ford Focus pulling our two wheeled home behind us. I intend to keep a road log of the undertaking a sort of On the Road look at the more exposed expanses of our country, red rock and granite, sand stone, cap stone and lime; more naked pictures of your mother. 
Saturday, March 29th, 2008
6:59 am
no country for old men

No country for old men (on SS and Medicare that is).  Another Bush* report on the state of Social Security and Medicare shows a grim future for a shit load of old farts.  The baby-boomers are retiring and grabbing the last chunk of the last American Dream that the last enlightened president put together during the Great Depression (not the depression I’m in since reading the current Bush* report).  So why is the SS fund in such a mess, fiscally?  Several decades of sticky federal fingers dipping into the fund, six years of expensive, wasteful, ineffective and down right dumb military activities in Iraq and Afghanistan (have we gotten Ben Laden yet and where’s the where’s the affordable oil George?); the loss of the middle class, who were the ones paying into SS and Medicare and have now been replace by service sector workers (McDonalds) earning an average of eight dollars an hour, most of them illegal aliens from Mexico (all of their jobs along the border have been shipped off to China). But that is only part of the answer.

None of the Chinese factory workers or Indian computer programmers and call center operators is paying into the social security pool even though they are, in reality, employed by USof A corporations.  Either the workers need to start paying into the pot or the internationals need to pick up the financial slack. 

In the mean time we sit and cry that there are no good paying jobs left in America, note there are no good paying jobs any where (well maybe in Amsterdam where prostitution is legal and pot can be smoked in coffee houses); children working in factories in China and Bangladesh don’t make jack shit, neither do their moms and dads.   

OK so what do we do with this information?  Start a class action suit against G.W. Bush, his dad and his dad before him; sue the Bush family line all the way back to the Mitochondrial Eve and put the funds back into the SS system, take care of your countries old farts.
* a small furry rodent like mammal of no economic or socal value.

Sunday, March 16th, 2008
9:44 am
no country for old men

Most of the energy that we consume on a daily basis comes from crude oil.  Not that there is genteel oil; there is a lot of blood and human viscera involved in the procurement of crude oil: the war in the Iraq, the disregard for worker safety on oil rigs and in refineries, the fouling of the environment (Valdez) , the film industry (“There Will be Blood”), gang wars in LA (drive by shootings). 

We as collective peoples could give a shit less about the cost, other than at the gas pumps all across our bloated nation now that we are spending almost four percent of our personal income on, just gasoline.  We pout and cry, pull our hair but continue to drive our SUV’s seventy five miles an hour down the interstate to buy another electronic gadget at Wal-Mart and stopping by a fast food place for a grease soaked order of American fries and a Brazilian beef burger. . 

The big stink in the news today are the comments by the Chicago preacher, Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama’s pastor at the Trinity Church of Christ.  Now the Rev. Wright is quoted as saying: The USA is a racist nation (right), that rich white men run the country (correct) and that the attack of 9.11 is in response to Americas’ (that’s North as in USofA)  global, imperialistic, corporate capitalism (that is also correct).  So what is Barack’s problem?  Maybe we should put Rev.Wright on the ballot; at least he has the guts to speak out against the white, rich bastards that spread the greed. 

Saturday, March 15th, 2008
6:47 am

I read the news this morning and found nothing to get my rage up and running through the streets of Pamplona attempting to gore soft bellied Spaniards or political pundants.  Of course there is the black minister in Chicago, pastor at the church attended by Barack Obama, who spoke some truths from his pulpit last Christmas concerning the black/white divide in the US KKKofA, powerful white men and something about 911 and the history of slavery.  With the presidential campaign now in its sixth year, I really “frankly don’t give a damn my dear” about any of the candidates and what the media has to offer.  It’s sort of like the elections in Iran, only longer and drawn (and quartered) out in the media: two conservative political parties seeking the top management job in the country.   Well we really know that the US KKKofA is really run by the Ayatollah Dick Chaney.   

Now what does concern me is what the media doesn’t focus on and what the politicos ignore.  An in your face and duh example is the current gas crisis, the current war crisis and the current economic crisis (all three linked) and the fact that the National Interstate Systems maintain the seventy mile an hour speed limit.  Does any one recall the seventies and the imposed fifty-five mile an hour speed limit, implemented to curb gas consumption?   Where in the hell are we going that we have to go so fast?  And why do we have to go alone?  We do tend to be a rather piggish people and that is perhaps why the Muslims hate us so much; the pork thing you know.

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