lcurtis (lcurtis) wrote,

Still holding you in my heart!

Trying to remember past Valentine's Days with you.  If I remember right, we didn't ever make a big deal out of it.  It was just another day, another opportunity to share our love together.  We usually didn't go out on this day because of the crowds.  So, we'd stay home & cook something special together.  Roast beef & gravy made by me & mashed potatoes & creamed corn made by you.  It was your favorite meal & you made it special by helping me in the kitchen.  I miss that & so many other small acts of kindness you showered me with.  Everyday I find something you bought for me not for any special occasion but just because you loved me.  I so appreciated that & hope & pray that you knew how much I loved you & will continue to hold you in my heart on Valentine's Day & everyday.
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