lcurtis (lcurtis) wrote,

Happy 2014, Love!

Well another year has come & gone without you in my life.  Many things stay the same.  Thankfully many of your friends still think of me & sent Christmas cards.  You, also received many birthday remembrances.  So that touched my heart.  Your friend, Allen sent a card with his phone number so I called him to say how much I appreciated that.  He too, remembers you and still misses you.

Jen & Sophie are good company for me.  They moved in December 10th.  Jen likes to cook & shovel snow so that is very helpful since we have had lots of snow already.  She likes to watch much of the same things that I do on Netflix.  Currently we are watching mysteries.  Yesterday, Sue invited us to her home for a little New Years Day get together.  We had lots of fun playing a game called "Things".  It is a lot like "Apples to Apples" except you write the comments to the card chosen.  I used your favorite saying "farts" in response to "Things that shouldn't be lumpy".  That got a few laughs.

You are still the one, Babe.  Holding you in my heart & soul.
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