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At this moment

      Like Alice I have fallen into a hole, a gaping, black hole of fear and  loathing for humanity.  I tire of the selfish right and the liberal left, of do gooders and do-badders, of greed and apathy, of rapacious destruction and slothful indulgences.  I tire of crumbling jobs and  crumbling infastructure, of crumbling morals  and blighted houses where old men's lawnmowers and children's bicycles are stolen to buy  rocks of crack cocaine.   I have become completely disenchanted with all of mankind.  We continue to befoul our planet in the most malignant of ways; the rich sucking up even greater wealth and recources and the poor shitting and pissing in our rivers and allys, passing  on disease, McDonald's, Zyprexa and street drugs through their elimination systems; like Siberian Shamans passing on hallucinogens on to their supplicants through their urine.  Drink deeply of the cities water, drink deeply and wipe your chin when done.
      When my daughter was a child she wrote a one line poem that simply went: "Pain, disease and cavities": stating  the human condition, a condition that the wealthy medical and insurance executives and their wealthy investors need to maintain in order to thrive and grow.  We fool ourselves when we seek health insurance for all; universal health care bought by taxing the wealthy: they will kill us before they allow that to happen, they need our hunger and pain to thrive.  The wealthy thrive on our discomfort, our longings and desires just as the church thrives on our fears and guilt. 
    Well, I feel better now!  How about you?
Tags: no country for old men
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