lcurtis (lcurtis) wrote,

Father's Day

Another Father's Day has come & gone.  It is interesting to note that now after 16 months, my life is slowly getting back to normal, a "new" normal.  For the first year after your passing, I was allowed to play the "grieving widow" card & lots of family & friends were there to help me over any rough spots (holidays, your birthday, our wedding anniversary, etc.)  But now in this second year, I am painfully aware that "I am on my own".  But that is a good thing.  The first 18 years of my live were lived with my loving parents.  The next 48 years with you, my loving husband.  Now at the age of 69 I am on my own without a clue what to do with the rest of my life.  I still enjoy going to movies, artist receptions, UU church, playing euchre, camping, reading, bike riding, in other words, all the things that we enjoyed together.  But now I have to call someone & ask them to join me.  I never was good at instigating anything.  I am not a leader but I am a damn good follower, if I do say so myself.  God, I miss you!  Keeping you in my heart & soul.  It was good talking to you.  Doro suggested I should use your lj to keep it active so I will try to do that.  I have always felt intimated by you & Doro's writing skills but perhaps mine will improve with time.  What do I have to loose? 
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