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now that it's over

I have been slowly reading Howard Zin's  "Peoples History of the US", I say slowly because it is a painful accounting of our inhumanity to man, nature and the gods.  We, as a nation, have been involved, instrumental, in the continuation of a major war in the Middle East, a war aginst the people who live above a vast reserve of oil, for the control of that that material.  Oil continues to be the most desired of all minerals found on the planet. The automobile is killing us, the planet and will kill our grandchildren and their children.  As long as the internal combustion engine continues to dominate our basic transportation systems: as long as we long for plastic bags and water bottles, we will continue to befoul our oceans and lands, our gulfs and estuaries by sucking up oil, the Devils sperm, Satan's cum.  And now we will feed our corn to our cars driving the cost of meat up until only the rich will be able to eat beef, or pork or chicken but they will be able to drive their BMW's and Porches.
I understand the the US spends, on defense, what the rest of the world, combined, spends annually; over seven hundred billion dollars.  I understand that it cost around one hundred thousand dollars to kill one enemy in Afghanistan.
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