lcurtis (lcurtis) wrote,

The month of June

I want June back: She is an empty month, cold, desolate like an Arctic winter or a Sargasso sea where the things we love are lost forever.  June, the sixth month, the turn to summer,  the loss of a daughter and grandson in that lifeless sea of time, the icy Artic of my heart.
I want June back: She is the most powerful goddess, wife of Jupiter, it is she who brings summer and wheat and corn and tomatoes;  June is the month of bike rides and swimming holes, long walks in the quiet woods climbs to mountain meadows and clear blue sky's, to Strawberry Lakes and sun filled rain forests. 
I want June back: I want to remember her laughter, hear her sing to see her thick, blond hair spread across her night time pillow as she sleeps a child's sleep, safe in the arms of my memory.
I want June back.
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